Time to Speak Out!

Parallel Design does not tolerate hate.

In the wake of violence breaking out in Charlottesville, we at Parallel Design feel it is our responsibility to state our view on hatred in America today. We see a crisis developing around racial and gender hatred and want to be clear that we find this rise in hatred absolutely unacceptable.

We encourage everyone to stay courageous, committed, and safe, and to work hard for justice and healing.

the paradox of tolerance

Sometimes it is the little things that matter.

At Parallel Design, we do understand that the first run of development on a website is often a jumping off point for real strides in a project.

Iterative process graphic is Planning, Decisions, Work-In-Progress, and Launch!

If there is one thing we’ve learned from working on websites, it is that things change.

Your budget may go up or down, you may open a new department, or you may decide that ecommerce is the best solution after all.

We know that sometime people need to see something built before knowing what changes need to take place next.

If you want something new added or changed, it can be done, and we will get to work on it. At Parallel Design, we refer to each following version of your site as an ‘iteration’. And you can have as many of those as you want. (See our handy diagram!)

Our development process starts with an agreed-upon fee for that first run of work, and then we charge hourly for the changes that you request after that first run.

We take your project live when you decide that it is ready.


That is a good question!


Why did we name ourselves ‘Parallel Design’?

Parallel design is a specific term in the web design profession.
It means that two designers come up with 2 separate mockups, and the client picks out their favorite features from both mockups.

We borrowed this term for our business because we like working in parallel during the beginning time, the concept-building phase. Working ‘in parallel’ creates a wider range of options for clients from the outset, and we consider this to be one of our key services.

Thank you for visiting Parallel Design. We are a new web design company that specializes in building custom websites for small businesses. We enjoy working hard to make a high quality web presence for our clients. We hope you’ll get in touch with us soon!

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